Medical Clinic Sharps Disposal & Supplies

We have over 30 years of servicing Alberta healthcare industry. We provide sharps disposal, packaging and specialty containers.

Low Cost & No Hidden Fees

Absolutely no hidden fees or fuel surcharges. We will not add any environmental or carbon taxes.

Peace of Mind Waste Handling

Only Alberta company with Alberta Environmental approval for autoclave disposal. Absolutely no hidden fees or fuel surcharges

Flexible & Reliable Pickups

Clients can arrange pickups on a daily, weekly, monthly or call-in basis. We have no contracts and no minimum pickup volume.

Dispose and supply all your Clinics' sharps & packaging

G-M Pearson is a reputable Transportation and Disposal Company.  We will provide pickup, disposal, and packaging for your biomedical waste needs.  We provide certified disposable sharps containers that can accommodate your needs.  We will also dispose certified sharps containers that are purchased from your selected source.

G-M Pearson acknowledges that the hours of operation vary for doctor’s offices.  We are willing to accommodate.  We can provide scheduled pickups, our drivers can also call an hour before arrival, and many other possibilities.

G-M Pearson offers pickups on a call-in basis or pickups can be scheduled on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.  This can be arranged by calling our office and speaking to our office staff.

Servicing Alberta healthcare industry since 1988

Our Medical Clinic Packaging

Regular GMP Box

Product ID 10010
14" X 18" X 27"

Small GMP Box

Product ID 10010
14" X 18" X 18"

Medium Inserts (1500 ML)

Product ID 10030
17.5" X 13" X 7"

Large Inserts (3000 ML)

Product ID 10040
17.5" X 13" X 8"

Case Biohazard bags

Product ID 10300
36" x 48" (3 mil)

Loose Red Biohazard Bags

Product ID 10340
36" X 48"

20L Sharps Pail Yellow

Product ID 10410
Prowestern Pails
Solid Lid D 12" H 19"

20L Sharps Pail Yellow

Product ID 10420
Prowestern Pails
Screw-cap Lid D 12" H 19"

Case 22 x 24 Biohazard bag

Product ID 10310
Case 22" x 24"

Case (3 Mil) Biohazard Bags

Product ID 10341
(RED) Case 36" x 48"

Our Medical Clinic Sharps Containers

*Temporarily out of stock * Gator Sharps Pail

Product ID 10852
13" X 6" X 11"

4 L GMP Sharps Pail

Product ID 10541
8.5" X 6.5" X 9"

5.4 Quart Sharps Container (6” X 4” X 15”)

Product ID 10544

11.3 Liter Hazardous drugs sharps container ( wall mount with lock available )

Product ID 10849

11.3 Liter Sharps container ( wall mount with lock available)

Product ID 10850

11.3 Liter Cytotoxic Sharps Container ( wall mount with lock available)

Product ID 10848

1 QT Sharps Pail

Product ID 10512
4" X 4" X 6"

Gator Wallmount

Product ID 10853
14" X 6.5" X 10.5"

Our Medical Clinic Specialty Containers

20 L RX Pail

Product ID 10442
Prowestern Pails
Screw-cap Lid D 12" H 19"

1 Gal RX Pail

Product ID 10630
Prowestern Pails
D 9" H 8.5"

115 L Blue Barrel

Product ID 90016
D 17.5" H 32"

208 L Blue Barrel

Product ID 90012
D 22" H 36"

Our Medical Clinic Labels

Incinerate Labels

Product ID 70010
L231 Roll of 100

Pharmaceutical Labels

Product ID 70012
L233 Roll Of 100

Cytotoxic Labels

Product ID 70013
L234 Roll of 100

Anatomical Labels

Product ID 70015
L232 Roll of 100