Laboratory Sharps Disposal & Supplies

Are you operating a Laboratory ? Our 30 years of trusted sharps disposal and supplies will keep your lab waste free.

Low Cost & No Hidden Fees

Absolutely no hidden fees or fuel surcharges. We will not add any environmental or carbon taxes.

Peace of Mind Waste Handling

Only Alberta company with Alberta Environmental approval for autoclave disposal. Absolutely no hidden fees or fuel surcharges

Flexible & Reliable Pickups

Clients can arrange pickups on a daily, weekly, monthly or call-in basis. We have no contracts and no minimum pickup volume.

Servicing Alberta healthcare industry since 1988

We can dispose and supply all your Laboratory sharps and packaging

G-M Pearson has been working with Laboratories for the last 30 years. We can provide both autoclaving and incinerating of your waste depending on the types of waste that you need disposed of. Depending on your location, G-M Pearson can provide your Lab with a call-in service as well as weekly, bi-weekly and any other time frame necessary.

We understands that the hours of labs may very depending on demand.  We can provide your lab with scheduled pickups as well as the ability to have our drivers coordinate a call prior to pickup.

You can trust G-M Pearsonto ensure that your waste is disposed of properly. Depending on the type of waste we can autoclave your waste or incinerate it. All waste is brought to our transfer facility upon pickup, and from there it is transferred to our Alberta licensed autoclave or a licensed incinerator in Swan Hills, Alberta

Our Laboratory Packaging

Regular GMP Box

Product ID 10010
14" X 18" X 27"

Small GMP Box

Product ID 10010
14" X 18" X 18"

20L Sharps Pail Yellow

Product ID 10410
Prowestern Pails
Solid Lid D 12" H 19"

20L Sharps Pail Yellow

Product ID 10420
Prowestern Pails
Screw-cap Lid D 12" H 19"